Software defined platform management (SDPM) is an exciting new technology that enables innovation in how we design and manage power, energy and thermal characteristics of electronic devices. SDPM has three defining characteristics. First, SDPM abstracts higher-level platform behavior. Second, it separates the platform management plane from the processing plane. And third, SDPM consolidates the platform management plane, so that a single software platform manager controls multiple processing plane elements.

In 2012, a team of ex ARM and Qualcomm software engineers decided to pioneer the development of software defined platform management products and formed the company AGGIOS®. The consolidation, separation and abstraction characteristics of SDPM are currently supported by the three related SDPM products of AGGIOS: Seed™, EnergyLab™ and UHAL®.

Vojin Zivojnovic
is co-founder and CEO of AGGIOS. Prior to starting AGGIOS he was ARM’s Vice President responsible for WW OEM and Foundry business development and sales. In 1997 Vojin co-founded AXYS Design Automation (Irvine, CA), the pioneer in multicore system design methodology, and served as AXYS Design’s CEO until the acquisition by ARM in 2004. Prior to AXYS Design he led simulation and modeling efforts at Rockwell Semiconductors. Vojin received his Ph.D. in computer science from Aachen University of Technology in Germany and has published over 60 research papers in statistical signal processing, DSPs, design methodology and embedded software.

Davorin Mista
is co-founder and VP of Engineering of AGGIOS. Davorin has 17 years of software development and management experience at Smavicon, AXYS Design, ARM and Adconion. At AXYS Design Davorin led the worldwide engineering teams (US and Germany) and managed its complete line of products. After the acquisition of AXYS by ARM Davorin assumed various engineering management roles at ARM, including the engineering management of the System Tools Group. Davorin holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Tom Collopy
is CTO (acting) of AGGIOS. Tom brings over 27 years of experience in a broad-range of technical, management, marketing, and business development positions in Xcella (startup), Qualcomm, Ford and IBM. Most recently he was Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm responsible for software development for the Smartphone/Smartbook market. He, along with two other co-founders, formed the now 250+ person Qualcomm Raleigh site. Tom received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University and his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering.

The AGGIOS team is advised by a team of power design, methodology and operating system experts from UC Berkeley and Princeton University.

AGGIOS is privately held and has offices in Irvine, CA, US and Belgrade, Serbia.